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China Data Lab is a platform China observers can come for collaboration, data sharing, development of technical expertise, and publication of relevant findings.

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About China Data Lab

There is a wealth of new, data-driven China research, but much of it is disconnected both from the policymakers who might use it in their day-to-day work as well as from other research projects that would benefit from intellectual cross-pollination in the public and private spheres. Datasets are rarely shared, community discussion is rare, and there is no natural home for data- and visualization-rich reports that seek to combine analytic rigor with timely, policy-relevant publication.

Our aim is to concentrate the currently diffuse community of China data research, ultimately producing better analysis, improving decision-makers’ understanding of contemporary China, and making data and research available and open for those who might put it to good use. China Data Lab aims to provide a platform for individuals to share their research findings, discuss research best practices, skill-share, and comment on recent trends and current events related to China.

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Daniela Stockmann

Daniela Stockmann

Professor of Digital Politics and Media


Blake Miller

Blake Miller

Political Science PhD Candidate, University of Michigan


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